The Johnson Family's Catechism Adventures #2; The Only Rule

Get ready for an inspiring journey with the Johnson family. Set in the warmth of their family home, the boys embark on another adventure, seeking to understand and apply the Scriptures in their daily lives. May God see fit to use these stories to help inspire families seeking to kindle a closer walk with Him.


Justin Hoke

1/5/20247 min read

Chapter 1: A New Challenge

The sun was just beginning to set, casting a warm, golden glow over the Johnson family home. Inside, the Johnson's gathered together for evening devotions. Joshua, Peter, and Samuel, were helping set the table for dinner, eagerly anticipating the delicious meal ahead.

As they gathered around the table, Mr. Johnson's voice brought a calm over the room. "Before we eat, let's start our family worship," he said, as everyone took their seats.

After a prayer of gratitude, Mrs. Johnson opened her well-worn Bible. "Boys, do you remember the catechism question we discussed last week?" she asked.

"Question one: 'What is the chief end of man?'" Joshua recited confidently. "To glorify God and enjoy Him forever."

"Excellent," Mr. Johnson smiled. "Tonight, we'll explore the next question. Who can tell me what it is?"

Samuel, the youngest, piped up eagerly, "I think I know! It's about what God is and what He has decreed."

"That's right," said Mr. Johnson. "Question and Answer 2: 'What rule has God given to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him?' The answer is, 'The Word of God, which is contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, is the only rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him.'"

The boys nodded, each lost in thought about this new challenge.

"Now, for this week," Mrs. Johnson continued, "we want you three to not only memorize the question and answer but as before, also truly understand its significance. Think about how the Scriptures guide us in our daily lives."

Joshua, ever the leader, looked at his younger brothers. "Let's make this interesting. Let's find real-life examples of how the Bible guides us!"

Peter, with a spark of adventure in his eyes, added, "And let's each find a different example. That way, we can learn from each other!"

Samuel, always eager to keep up with his older brothers, chimed in, "Yeah, and let's share what we find during our next family worship!"

As they ate their dinner, the conversation was abuzz with ideas and excitement. The boys were already imagining the adventures and discoveries the week would bring.

Later that evening, in the quiet of their shared bedroom, the boys gathered around Joshua's bed, a Bible open in front of them.

"Let's start by reading some of our favorite passages," Joshua suggested. "Maybe that will spark some ideas."

As they read and discussed, the words of the Bible seemed to come alive. The Johnson boys felt a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for the journey ahead.

In the stillness of the night, they each said a silent prayer, asking for guidance and understanding as they embarked on this new adventure. With hearts full of anticipation, they drifted off to sleep, dreaming of the lessons and discoveries that awaited them.

Chapter 2: The Adventure Unfolds

The next morning, the Johnson boys woke up to a radiant sunrise. The excitement from the previous night still lingered in the air. Today marked the start of their quest for understanding.

After a quick breakfast, Joshua gathered his brothers. "Let's each find our own way to explore this week's catechism question. Remember, we're looking for real-life applications of how the Bible guides us."

The boys agreed and set out on their individual paths.

Joshua's Journey: Community Service

Joshua decided to volunteer at the local community center. As he helped sort donations, he thought deeply about how the Bible instructs us to care for those in need. He struck up a conversation with Mrs. Green, the center's director.

"Mrs. Green, do you think the Bible can guide us in helping the community?" he asked.

Mrs. Green smiled warmly. "Absolutely, Joshua. The Scriptures teach us about compassion, kindness, and giving. They are our moral compass in serving others."

Joshua felt a sense of fulfillment as he realized the practical application of the Bible's teachings in community service.

Peter's Exploration: Nature's Lessons

Meanwhile, Peter ventured into the nearby woods, his favorite place to think and reflect. Surrounded by towering trees and the melody of chirping birds, he opened his pocket Bible.

As he read about God's creation in Genesis, he observed the intricate details of the nature around him. It dawned on him how the Bible teaches us to appreciate and steward God's creation. Each plant and animal played a role in the grand design, just as each scripture had its place in guiding their lives.

Samuel's Adventure: Historical Discovery

Samuel, the most imaginative of the three, decided to visit the town's historical museum. He was particularly fascinated by a display about Christian missionaries from the past.

Reading about their lives, Samuel realized how these missionaries had used the Bible as their guide in spreading the Gospel and serving people of different cultures. It was an eye-opening moment for him, understanding how the Bible had been a beacon through history.

As the sun began to set, the brothers reunited, each eager to share the day's discoveries.

Joshua spoke of the compassion and service he witnessed at the community center, inspired by Biblical teachings. Peter excitedly shared his reflections on God's creation and our responsibility to care for it, as guided by the Scriptures. And Samuel, with wide eyes, recounted the stories of the missionaries and their unwavering guidance from the Bible.

As they shared, they realized how the Bible, just like the catechism suggested, truly was the rule to direct how they might glorify and enjoy God.

That night, as they lay in their beds, the Johnson boys felt a deeper connection to the words of the catechism. They had begun to see the Bible not just as a book, but as a living guide, shaping their actions and understanding.

Chapter 3: Reflection and Conclusion

The Johnson boys gathered in their cozy living room the following Sunday afternoon, the sunlight streaming through the windows, casting a serene glow over the room. Their hearts were full of the week’s experiences, eager to share their insights with their parents during family worship.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson listened intently as Joshua, Peter, and Samuel took turns recounting their adventures. The boys spoke of community service, the beauty of creation, and the inspiring stories of missionaries, all underpinned by the guiding light of the Bible.

“Your experiences beautifully illustrate the answer to our catechism question,” Mr. Johnson said with a smile. “The Scriptures are indeed our ultimate guide in glorifying and enjoying God.”

Mrs. Johnson added, “And seeing you boys apply these lessons in real life warms our hearts. Let’s take a moment to recite the catechism together.”

In unison, the family recited, “Q&A 2: What rule has God given to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him? The Word of God, which is contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, is the only rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him.”

After the recitation, Mrs. Johnson brought out a small box filled with colorful pens and note cards. “Let’s each write down our favorite Bible verse from this week and why it’s meaningful to us. We can place these cards in our family prayer wall.”

The boys eagerly scribbled their verses, each card a small testament to their growing understanding and faith.

As family worship concluded, Mr. Johnson shared a closing prayer, thanking God for the lessons learned and the growth experienced. The family felt a renewed sense of connection, not only to each other but also to their faith.

“Boys,” Mr. Johnson said as he closed his Bible, “next week, we will explore another important question from our catechism. It's about the nature of God. I can’t wait to see how you’ll explore and understand this profound topic.”

The boys exchanged excited glances, their minds already racing with curiosity and anticipation for the next chapter in their spiritual journey.

That night, as the stars twinkled outside their window, the Johnson boys fell asleep with their hearts and minds filled with the lessons of the day, eager for the adventures the next catechism question would bring.

Supplemental Material: Family Worship Guide

This guide is designed to help families engage in meaningful worship at home, reflecting on the second question and answer of the Westminster Shorter Catechism: “What rule has God given to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him?” The suggested order of worship is a simple yet profound way to bring families together in faith and learning.

Order of Family Worship

Opening Prayer

Begin with a prayer, inviting God's presence and blessing upon your time of worship. You may choose to thank God for His Word and ask for understanding and wisdom as you study it together.

Read Together a Chapter from the Bible

Suggested Bible Passages:

· 2 Timothy 3: This passage emphasizes the importance and inspiration of Scripture.

· Psalm 119: (or a portion of it) It's a beautiful celebration of God’s law and commands.

· John 17: Highlighting the truth of God's word in sanctifying believers.

Reflect on what you’ve read. Discuss how it relates to the catechism's emphasis on the Scriptures being the rule for glorifying and enjoying God. Encourage each family member to share their thoughts and insights.

Sing a Hymn

Select a chorus, Psalm, or hymn to sing, In our home we use the Trinity Hymnal. Here are a few suggestions:

Hymn 145: “How Precious Is the Book Divine”

Hymn 250: “O Word of God Incarnate”

Hymn 267: “The Heavens Declare Thy Glory”

Close in Prayer

Conclude your family worship with a prayer. You may include prayers for guidance in applying the lessons learned, for the spiritual growth of each family member, and for the grace to live out the truths found in God’s Word.

Regular family worship is a beautiful way to grow together in faith and understanding. It provides an opportunity for each family member to explore and express their faith, creating a strong foundation built upon the Word of God. May this guide assist you in nurturing a rich, biblically grounded family life.

The Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms

Trinity Hymnal: Red Cover Edition

Book of Psalms for Singing

Family Worship Magazine