A New Denomination?

We are hoping to start a confessional reformed denomination in the United States, which welcomes both reformed baptists and reformed peado-baptists.

Other Distinctive Teachings:

- 6 Day Creation - Complimentarian - Ceasationist - Elder Rule


This project has grown out of a desire on the part of the Elders of Lake Shastina Community Bible Church to join with a confessional reformed denomination. In 2013 we began to look into joining ourselves to a denomination, which would allow for unity on the issue of baptism (allowing reformed peado & credo baptists to serve in harmony). After a couple of years of diligent search we discovered that two such denominations exist. The first being the Free Presbyterian Church of North America and the second being The Communion of Reformed Evangelical.

The Free Presbyterian Church of North America forbids the drinking of alcohol under all circumstances. This conviction would force us to surrender our own conviction that wine must be used in the Lord's Supper. While we would not make this conviction a point of division with other churches, we cannot submit ourselves to compromise on it either, thus the Free Presbyterian Church was not for us a valid option. 

The Communion of Reformed Evangelical is the home of Federal Vision Theology which attacks the doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone in the imputed righteousness of Christ Alone. We believe that these doctrines are at the very heart of the gospel, thus while we would not consider all member churches to be apostate, we could not join ourselves to a denomination in which sound churches are unevenly yoked together with apostate churches.

It is our hope that God would see fit to allow us to find other like-minded congregations, who share our core convictions, to join us in founding a new confessional reformed denomination in which Baptists and (oiko - household) peado-Baptists can serve in harmony.

This project, is at the present, nothing more than an idea and a hope. We have no member churches except the Lake Shastina Community Bible Church located in Weed, CA. We are praying that God would see fit to grant us at least 5 founding churches to begin the long process of becoming a confessional reformed denomination in the United States. 

UPDATE 9-13-2015:

Pastor Howard Sloan of St. Paul's Reformed Church has been instrumental in producing materials and helping to chart a course for us to follow as we move forward with this project. For more detailed information please join our forum @ http://reformedalliance.createaforum.com

If you are interested in more information or in possibly joining this project please contact

Justin Hoke